Lush’s Big Blue Bath Bomb

Last night after my run I decided I needed a nice warm soak in the tub (it was so cold and windy!). I rummaged through my Lush bag and warmed up to the idea of trying the Big Blue bath bomb. It just smelled so nice and relaxing. I picked this up from Lush for $6.75 Canadian, it’s worth the price.


Here’s a brief description of this product off of Lush’s website.

“Float away from it all with this inspiring deep blue fizzer. Lavender and lime oils create the perfect balance of relaxation and rejuvenation, bringing a wave of tranquility to your tub. For a truly oceanic experience, we’ve added in some of nature’s finest ingredients: sea salt and seaweed. These mineral-rich gems soften the skin and ease tired muscles. Lie back to sail away to a clear head and a revitalized body.”


Now time for my brutally honest feedback! I just have to say that I loved this bath bomb. My muscles were a bit achey after my run so slipping this into the bath water was an absolute treat! The smell is so calming and soft. It smells almost like a perfume, it was one of my favourites.

You can see the seaweed well in this picture

When you add it to your bath water, it quickly fizzes away and disperses strips of seaweed. With the combination of the seaweed and the turquoise coloured water it quickly makes you feel like a mermaid. The only downside of the seaweed was that it almost clogged in the drain and minor cleaning afterwards. Did I mention that there’s sea salt in it also, that too drops to the bottom of the tub.

The seaweed just sinks to the bottom of the tub

It really makes your skin feel nice and soft too! If you want a spa like bath, I would choose this bath bomb.

I would highly recommend this to others! even men will enjoy this, it doesn’t have a feminine smell so even they can enjoy a relaxing bath and pamper themselves. I enjoyed every aspect of this bath bomb, it has everything you could possibly want 🙂 It’s also a great price!

Check back for more posts coming soon! ❤


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