Time For A Life Update

I haven’t shared anything about my personal life for a while now and seeing as my blog is solely made for that purpose …it’s time to open up!

We have a new addition to our family! Nope no babies yet, however we have a new kitten. My boyfriend picked him up yesterday while I was working, I honestly didn’t think we were going to find a kitten that day. We searched for hours, we went to all the local shelters and they didn’t have any kittens available so I was surprised when I received a text saying that he found one. He got him through a pet store that puts kittens from a rescue up for adoption. It’s a male tuxedo kitten! I was a little worried about it being a male since we already have one. I was worried about our cat Winston being territorial, I’ve experienced cats not getting along well so it freaked me out a bit… didn’t want a repeat of it. This is the little guy, he named him Vivi after a Final Fantasy character.



He’s about 8 weeks old but man is he tiny! I feel like he’s smaller compared to when Winston was a kitten. He has super long legs already and a long tail so I think he’s going to be a big cat once he gets older.

Our older cat Winston (he’s just a year old) isn’t taking it too well. We’ve kept them separated a bit just so they get used to each other smell first. We’ve only let him see Vivi through the travelling carrier when he first came home and when we’re holding him in our arms. Winston has been hissing and growling. Making sure that we know how upset he is but we’ve been spoiling him with treats and cuddles so he knows that we still love him. It’ll probably take a couple weeks before we can actually introduce them face to face and have them be comfortable around each other. It’ll take time but they’ll get used to each other. I’ll let you guys know how all that goes!

Health wise, I think starting April I’m going to adjust my diet. I want to make the change and become vegetarian. Right now I’m going to do research because I’ve heard many people feel sick in the beginning or have gotten sick from missing something from their diet. I want to make sure that it doesn’t happen with me! I’ve made this choice because of personal reasons, I feel that I can make this work and that I don’t need meat in my diet. Half the time I don’t want to eat it anyways, I just don’t enjoy the flavor all that much. I also want to do it because I feel terrible for the animals and I don’t trust whats going into our meat anymore. I’m not going to be one of those preachy people though, I’m not gonna try and convert others. This is simply just my choice, it’s what I want. I’ve also been getting sick of Facebook friends posting videos and pictures of dogs getting skinned alive and being butchered for their meat (apparently there’s some festival in Asia where they torture and butcher about 10,000 dogs). I just don’t understand the need for that in this time and age. We have other foods to consume, why do that to an animal that is supposed to be a companion. Sorry for the rant but as an animal lover it has bothered (and disgusted) me for a while.


That’s pretty much all that has happened lately! Sorry If I went off ranting towards the end, I get a bit passionate about things that bother me. I feel like the upcoming changes in my life are going to be great, I just feel pure positivity coming from it. I hope everyone is doing great along their journey too! Thanks for reading ❤


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