Lush’s Which Came First? (Spots) Bath Bomb

As you can see this bath bomb is ginormous!


After a long busy day, I decided to give Lush’s “Which Came First?” spotted bath bomb a try. Now upon first picking this bath bomb out I knew nothing about it besides what the little info card indicated in the store. I thought that it just had a surprise colour or something in the middle. However when I got to the cash, the associate informed me that you can break the outer egg apart. Inside is a surprise small bath bomb! I did this carefully with a dull knife, you just insert it where the seam is and it pops open. It will break into two outer shell pieces and in the middle is a small yellow chick shaped bath bomb. I thought it was pretty awesome, you can essentially get three baths out of just one bath bomb. That’s only if you want to stretch your monies worth, I think it’s a good deal for $12.95. I’ve heard of others using this method for other bath bombs as well, just depends on how much you want to save money wise.

It was pretty effortless cracking it in two


Now here is a description of the product off of Lush’s website.

“If this sweet and citrusy fizzer can’t answer the age-old question, then what can? Crack open this generously sized, spotted egg to coax out the surprise inside and enjoy three egg-cellent soaks over a couple of nights. Or, if you fancy something really decadent, use the entire bomb at once for deliciously sweet, fuchsia waters brimming over with fruity fragrance.”


I personally thought it was very well designed and love the fact that Lush is making bath bombs for every Holiday. This giant egg bath bomb was just over the top cute, I had to try it out. I thought that it was neat having a surprise mini bath bomb in the centre, I was curious to see the appearance of it. The mini bath bomb is somewhat the shape of a chick, adds another cute aspect to it. I love the idea of having three baths worth of product, makes it worth the price. It is one of the more pricey bath bombs but again the multiple uses makes up for it.

It has a sweet soft candy scent, I enjoyed the smell of it. It makes the water turn a bright neon pink, it resembled a Kool Aide colour. I didn’t feel anything noticeable with my skin so I’m not sure if it’s just the fact that it’s just not that type of bath bomb or that it was due to the fact that I just used half of the outer egg shell. It didn’t feel like anything all that special but it is a good deal money wise. I would recommend this if you want a bath bomb that you can get multiple uses out of, just like you can with their bubble bars. I’d buy it again but I feel like I’d want to try the other edition with the stripes next time.


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