Health Food Buys


I did a little health food shopping today and here’s what I got! I actually got more things just didn’t manage to take a picture of them. I spent around $50-$60 range, however that was with my employee discount.

I’ve been looking into a couple vegetarian based protein powders for a couple weeks now. I wanted to get my hands on some because I needed another source of protein (since I cut meat out of my diet ). Plus I can easily incorporate it into my regular smoothies!  I was originally going to order some Tropeaka Slim protein powder but sadly its located all the way in Australia and the shipping is just too expensive for me. That left one option, looking at ones that are available locally. I decided to try out Garden of Life’s Raw Fit protein powder, plus it was on sale for $39.99 and I couldn’t pass down this good deal. It is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, low glycemic, Non GMO, raw, and certified organic. It also contains organic svetol (green coffee bean extract), organic ashwagandha, probiotics and enzymes. It is also supposed to help with weight loss, satisfying hunger and fighting cravings.  I’ll be including these in my future smoothie recipes. Here is a link to their website if anyone wants more info on the product.


The next thing that I bought, that is in the picture above. Is the meatless tenders by Gardein, I believe they retailed for around $5.99. I had this for dinner today along with some crispy onion rings ( which were bought else where). I’d have to say that the texture was exactly like chicken tenders, however the taste wasn’t. It didn’t have much flavor at all so I just used extra plum sauce. Surprisingly I would buy this again! The texture had me fooled, on days where your missing meat..this would be a great go to.


Now onto my other buys! I purchased some fresh organic produce that is also Non-GMO. I picked up a couple ripe atulfo mangoes ($2.49 each) and a pint of fresh strawberries ($4.99). Figured they’d be great for when I’m craving a smoothie bowl.


That was all for my healthy buys, however I did make a surprise purchase yesterday! I have a project planned for the weekend so stay tuned to see what the mystery is about 🙂


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  1. I am not a vegetarian, but on occasion I will substitute meat for quorn.

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