Mystery Project

If you guys have read my previous posts, I mentioned that I was going to start a mystery project this weekend. It is…. starting a balcony garden/a peaceful place to relax. I want a little oasis I can retreat to if I’m stressed out or just want to relax with some wine and a book.  I’ve checked off part of that already today! I bought all the supplies that I needed to start the garden part at least. I decided that I wanted an organic and Non-GMO garden so I purchased some green bean seeds, mini sweet bell pepper seeds, chives, lavender and some various flower seeds (sweet pea, four o’ clock and morning glory). I also bought a dome seed started kit from Goodness Me! for about $10, it even comes with a baggy of organic soil to get you started (they give you a lot, I used the left overs for a flower pot).



Yes, I did all this indoors on my dinner table because the weather was a tad chilly out!

I plan on getting more veggie plants later on so I made sure to buy some extra pots and organic 3 way soil. I’m keeping all this indoors until its continually warm out, we’ve had some shitty weather lately. Here’s a picture of my setup 🙂

Veggies are in the dome, flowers are in the green pot.

I hope they end up sprouting! I’ll be so sad if none of them grow. Next thing on my list to tackle is getting some sort of seating and a small table out there. I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress 🙂

You can buy a similar one here and all supplies that you would need:




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