Life Update! Possibly Going Vegan?

I haven’t had an update in a long time now! There are just a few minor changes along my life journey that I can think of. Yes, a few of them may seem a little extreme but I am passionate about it.

First thing that I’m going to share is that my work is having a company wide cleanse! I of course chose to participate even though I’ve never actually done one before. It seems pretty straight forward, you avoid a list of foods for about 2 weeks. They have three levels to choose from, which are different kits. There’s beginners, intermediate and the expert. I picked the beginners pack, I’ll be purchasing my kit today if I can so I’ll make a separate post on it with more info!

With that being said I will have to avoid Dairy products because that is one of the restrictions on the list. I am pretty sure that I’m going to make the switch and just cut it out of my diet for good. There are other milk alternatives that taste the same such as almond milk, soy creamers and even coconut milk. If your not aware of what happens in the dairy industry then YouTube it… you will be shocked. Also give this a watch:


He has some very good points and info on the meat and dairy industry. Alright well getting back on the topic! I think that it’ll be an easy adjustment for me, now a days there are so many alternatives available to us and they aren’t even that expensive. I’ll be posting a lot more healthier and just overall different dishes. I’m also curious to see if our grocery bills going to be significantly cheaper or not. I’ll keep you guys updated on this!

If you guys want an in depth documentary, then I recommend watching Earthlings. Just a warning the video is graphic and shows real footage from farms/ slaughterhouses. Not trying to shove my views on anyone, I just believe in being educated and knowing where things come from.


Now my second update is my garden! The bean seeds have started sprouting!! I’m super excited about it. They’ve made their way up to the top of the soil and if you look closely you can see that they have split open. In a week or two I should have plants! The flower seeds, peppers and chives have not started sprouting yet 😦

I’ll take pictures soon and show you guys the progress on them!

I have to end the post here because I have some things to do very soon but check back for new posts coming soon 🙂 Thanks for reading.


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  1. scolgin says:

    Don’t do it!!!! 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t go through with it :/ I cut milk out but can’t give up the cheese!! Haha


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