Weekend Adventures

We’ve had some pretty crappy weather over this weekend but we still managed to get out and do things. We ended up going shopping a bit and I’d like to imagine that we got some pretty good deals.

On Saturday we hit up the mall for a bit, I did a little shopping while my boyfriend got his hair done. I just have to say, I’m not like a typical girl and I actually don’t enjoy the mall. I find it too busy and crowded! If I ever go it’s just to simply go in and get what I need and leave. I did however need new running shoes since my old Nike pair were ripping 😦  I tried to find similar ones and I think I did well in the Sketchers store, I found these for about $95


Their the skinny slim look, the materials thin and the insides are super cushioned. They have to be the comfiest shoes I’ve had by far, they literally feel like your walking on clouds. Also they don’t actually have laces! I thought it was pretty interesting, it’s just a stretchy band in there. I have to admit that my Nike shoes got on my nerves because of the shoe laces, they would come undone in the worst possible times. I’m pretty happy with this purchase, plus their machine washable!

My next purchase was at Green Earth, they have a lot of spiritual/ new age items. I love most of the stuff that they carry and I highly recommend checking them out. Now for the longest time I’ve wanted an incense set, to the point where I actually added it to my bucketlist of items that I want. I picked up this vanilla scented set for $14.99, they have other scents as well. I loved the cute little wooden box it came in, it comes with cone shaped incense as well as the stick form as well.



The last place I visited at the mall was Bath & Body Works, I usually avoid this store because it’s always jam packed with customers. They had some big sale going on again where they give you a coupon for 20% off on your purchases. I wanted something that would make our apartment smell super nice so I bought some of their wall plugins. I bought 4 of the plugin scents: Turquoise Waters, Honey & Tangerine, Mahogany Coconut and Bow Ties & Bourbon. I also bought one of the nightlight owl wall plugins which looks super cute (I have a thing for owls).

They smell amazing!


That was pretty much it for Saturdays shopping!




Now onto today’s adventures! We took a trip out to Cambridge to check out some antique stores! We somehow made our way to a second one along the way back home. They had some amazing items and a few that creeped me out! I really wanted this porcelain figurine of a Victorian looking woman but upon picking it up I could see that someone had broken it and fixed it with super glue so I passed on it. I did however find a lot of old items that brought back childhood memories, a few of the items I remembered my great aunt and uncle (their like grandparents to me) owning. This glass cat candle holder is one of those items, I remembered seeing it at their house when I was younger. I of course got it because it was only $8. It’s a bit hard to see the cat figure.


The second item is a sugar canister, which I got for $4.50. It just stood out to me, I loved the colours and overall look of it.


That’s it for my shopping adventures! I’m so happy with my finds 🙂 Check back soon for some more posts.

*Also a little update! Due to me getting extremely sick last night I will not be participating in the cleanse. I had the worst stomach pain ever that kept me up until 2 am so I’m going to take it easy on my stomach and what I’m putting into it. *


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