I Feel Like A Proud Parent

Told you guys that I’d post my progress on my seedlings and boy have they grown! I really do feel like a proud parent, it amazes me how much they grow everyday. By the time I check them at night there’s so many changes. Most of them have popped up by now and on a few of the late sprouters you can see the soil being disturbed by the seedling. Here are the pictures!


As you can see the beans have grown quite a bit! I have to leave the top off now.


Seeing them everyday makes me happy. I can’t wait for this rain and cold weather to clear up so I can start working on the balcony. My mom found me a small patio table that needs a little TLC. I’ll be fixing that up shortly so check back for a little DIY post!


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  1. We are working on our starters now too! We have some butter and romaine lettuce doing great, along with a few herbs. Sadly, I moved my basil outside too early and it died 😦

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    1. aww I’m sorry to hear about your basil 😦


  2. Lyf&Spice says:

    Damn neat! Wish I had the patience and intent to sow and reap 😉

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