Marilyn Monroe Inspired Bold Red Lips

I was going through my makeup bag when I mysteriously found this product, I’ve never even used it so I thought I’d try it out with all of you. I’m uncertain about the price, I think I may have gotten it in an Ipsy bag about a year or two ago. I already did my makeup ahead of time, did a more natural colour look with a bit of eyeliner. Now to spice it all up with TreStique’s Mini Matte Lip Crayon!


Here is a before picture with just natural looking makeup.


Here’s an after photo with the TreStique Lip Crayon in Chile Red.



I was actually surprised by this little mini crayon, it packed a punch of colour! It’s easy to put on, glides on really nicely. If you need to correct anything it comes off nicely, barely stains your skin. The one thing I absolutely loved was the fact that it makes your teeth look super white! That’s coming from an avid coffee drinker too. It doesn’t seem to have any scent at all, which honestly doesn’t really matter to me. It gave me a Marilyn Monroe vibe which I absolutely love! Here’s a link to their website in case anyone is curious or loves the look.

This will be my go to if I’m feeling a red lip!





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  1. Charliestar says:

    Love your eyeliner I wish I could do it! I make such a mess everytime! xoxo

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    1. Thanks! It’s taken me years to perfect πŸ™‚

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      1. Charliestar says:

        Oh god I need to get practicing then! xoxo

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      2. I found L’oreal infallible super slim liquid liner to be the best and easiest to apply. It has a felt tip brush which makes the application fairly easy. Hope that helps a bit, I’ll try to make a tutorial on it soon πŸ™‚

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      3. Charliestar says:

        That’d be great I’ll give you a follow so I can look out for it! Please take a look at my blog to xoxo

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