Long Overdue Update!

I’m the worst! I haven’t posted for a long time now and I feel horrible. Life has been crazy busy lately, I have so much on my plate. From working full time and then working on both my days off on my secret project, it hasn’t left much room for “me” time.  I apologise to any of my readers, I will try my best to post more content.

Now lets start things off with a little insight of what this secret project is! It is a small business but it’s still in the starting stages. The online store portion probably won’t debute until next year (if I had to make a prediction). There are just so many things I need to do and research. I’m choosing to start off small locally and then expanding in the years to come. That is why my blog has been on hold lately, it is literally what I focus on the most. I spend time after work and on the only two days I have off on getting everything in order. Most of my spare cash is being invested in things that I need to properly run this business and because I don’t make a shit ton of money, I have to slowly buy things each pay period. It’s hectic for the time being but I am happy doing it. I feel like this is something that I am passionate about, I constantly want to learn new things that pertain to it. It might just be a side business to make me a little more income but who knows what will happen in the future. I’m optimistic.

I took some time to reflect the other day on my life journey. About 4-5 years ago I went through a very hard trying time. I felt like I was worthless, that nothing could ever possibly go right in my life. I even questioned why I was even born. Looking back at it I am proud of how far I have made it. I am glad that I stayed strong and stuck in there when things were at their lowest. I now know what I want in my life and what I want to pursuit. I am a changed person that only thinks of things in a positive light. Sure life tries throwing some wrenches at you but you learn to dodge them and not let them affect you. I don’t let negative things or people affect me like they once would. I just simply cut off anything I deem to be negative towards my growth. If your going through what seems like the worst all time lows, just stick in there! Life will get better and it will be sooo worth it. Learn from the experience and grow as a person. In all seriousness if you are having mental health issues and are having suicidal thoughts please know it is ok to seek professional help. It is ok to ask for help and your life is important ❤

I’m going to leave things about the business of at that.


Now my garden!! It has changed quite a bit. Well I still don’t have that balcony oasis that I wanted but It’ll get there eventually! I do have to say that some of the plants did not make it because of an incident. Our cat decided to knock them off the window sill at 3am! the plants did not survive and my carpet looked pretty bad. Luckily we managed to clean the carpet out, wet soil is not the easiest to work with. A couple days before that I did transfer some of the plants outdoors on the balcony so I do have some. I also ended up buying some strawberry plants from St. Jacobs Farmers Market. Here are my lovely plants!

My bean plants, I have two planters filled with them.
The two strawberry plants. Can’t see it in the picture but there are small strawberries forming!
My flower plants. They’ve grown into a small bush but hopefully there will be flowers soon!

As you can see they’re quite big now! I just have to remember to water them more frequently since the weather has been pretty warm. I’ll try to keep you guys updated on them!


I’m going to leave things off there! hope you guys are having an amazing week!


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