What I Had For Breakfast..

Breakfast, one of the important meals of the day. The meal that gives you energy and keeps you full until lunch time. What do I fuel my body with in the morning?

It really depends on how much time I have. If I have to be up super early for work or if I have the day off/ have to work in the afternoon. If I have to get ready super early in the morning I usually make myself a quick simple breakfast. Which is….oatmeal! we have both instant packets and a huge bag of organic rolled oats. I also add a coffee in there and some type of fruit. That usually holds me off until 11am and I’ll drink some lemon water (drink a whole bottle by the time lunch rolls around).

Now on the days where I can take my time and put effort into my breakfast I like to get creative. I usually make some eggs, either fried (in butter) or scrambled. With sides of tomato or avocado.

Today I decided to give something new a try! making a homemade breakfast wrap. It’s super simple and delicious! I will take you through how to prepare it.


For the breakfast wrap you will need the following ingredients:

  • large tortilla wraps
  • aged cheddar
  • 2 eggs
  • ham slices
  • butter

Here are the east steps!

Choose if you want the eggs scrambled or fried whole, I chose the second option for mine (I sucked at multitasking today and over cooked mine a bit). Prep your pan by melting some butter and then cook them up how you like them. As you wait on the eggs, grab a plate and lay out the tortilla (I used chipotle tortilla wraps). Add some of the aged cheddar, I used a small amount since I’m watching my calories. Then add the sliced ham, I used two slices in mine. Then when the eggs are done, add them to the top. Here is what the steps should look like.


cheese, ham and eggs. (Don’t mind my overcooked eggs :S )

Then your going to take the top and bottom of the tortilla, fold them in. Take the right side and tuck in the filling and start rolling (make sure you keep tucking the sides as you go). Your end result should look like this.


Make a coffee and enjoy your breakfast wrap! This meal is approximately 430 calories and takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare.



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