Pamper Time

I’ve had a somewhat busy day today so I decided to wind down the night with a little self pampering. No better way then treating my skin with a well deserved face mask. This time around I decided to try this dead sea mud mask by Elore Naturals.



It is unscented, literally smells like mud. This is the description on the product ” The Dead Sea Mud is rich in 26 minerals have been used for thousands of years as a revitalizing mask that makes skin look fresher and younger. It improves skin texture while reducing the signs of aging”. This product retails for $19.99 on their website, here is a link

It is much cheaper to buy it off their website versus in a health food store. I checked out a couple and they retail in the $30-40 range, without tax.


Time for honest feedback!


If you want a face mask that smells all pretty and fragrant this is not for you. Again I’m reviewing their unscented mask so results may differ from the scented products they carry. This particular mask smells like pure mud, it has a very earthy and natural scent.

Texture/ Application

When you open the product, it will have a layer of water at the top. You must stir it up! I used a q-tip to do this. Then applied it to my face with just my fingers. It goes on very smooth, the consistency is very easy to apply. It’s not a super thick mask, this was one of the most easiest masks to apply. It does not drip all over and it doesn’t feel gritty like sand. I enjoyed the application. Also on a side note, I did wash my skin before hand because I was wearing makeup.




When you apply it, it feels like a regular mud mask on your skin. A couple minutes into it, you can feel your skin tingling. About 10-15 minutes later you can feel the mask tightening on your skin as it begins to dry.

End Result

It was probably one of the easiest masks to wash off, took little effort. Skin feels very clean and smooth afterwards. I would for sure use this product again!



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