So This Happened

Since I’ve been off on vacation I’ve had time to rewrite/ edit my bucketlist lately. Which gave me a little bit of motivation to try and experience new things. Today I went out to Democracy, which is a local vegan coffeehouse. I got their fries supreme and a peach iced tea. It was pretty good for a vegan meal, the cheese surprisingly tasted cheesy. Here’s a picture of my meal.


It was a great light lunch! They have a bunch of other items too, such as desserts and coffee/teas.

After that we decided to stroll around downtown and explore a bit. We walked past a tattoo/piercing shop called Cottage13, and the second time around I had made my mind up that I was finally going to get the piercing I wanted. I originally wanted to get an industrial piercing (which is the top of the ear). However when they examined my ear, they found that the cartilage was too thin. Which meant that my ear wasn’t suitable for the piercing 😦

As a second option I opted to get my tragus pierced! Which I was a little more nervous about since the cartilage was a bit thicker in that region. I just have to say, I did not think the pain was going to be that high but I was wrong. Also your ear does not pop when you get that region pierced! If your a bit sqeemish then stop reading at this point haha.

When she pierced it, she had to go slow due to the awkward area. Due to that I could feel every layer that the needle was going through. Now I wasn’t expecting the pain to be as bad as it was so my body reacted by pushing the piercing artist :S Which then led me to curse at her…. don’t worry I apologized afterwards and tipped her very well!  If you don’t have a high pain thresh hold then I don’t suggest getting this piercing! It also takes up to 9 months for it to fully heal. Right now the pain went down a little (literally just a tiny bit), it feels like when you get an ear infection and the inside of your ear hurts. You also can’t sleep on the side that you get pierced because again the pain and the fact that it could cause it to heal improperly. I’ll let you guys know how the healing process goes and how long the pain lasts for. Here’s a picture of it! I got a simple white crystal stud for the time being, later down the road I’ll change it up.


This was probably one of the painful items on my bucketlist, the next one might be a tattoo! we’ll see though 😉


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